Wet Lab

Locoregional Anesthesia Wet Lab

Sunday, November 3
8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. • NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

This locoregional anesthesia wet lab is open to veterinary technicians and veterinarians. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. The wet lab will be divided into approximately 1 hour of didactic lecture and 2.5 hours of hands–on laboratory practice on cadaver specimens. Didactic lecture will cover nerve anatomy and landmarks, the pharmacology of local anesthetics, and specific locoregional blocks for use in the small animal patient. Laboratory practice will include performance of local blocks on cadaver animals with personalized instruction in anatomy, technique, and drug selection. Blocks will include dental (infraorbital, maxillary, mandibular, mental), auricular, ring, incisional, testicular (pending cadaver status), and RUMM as well as epidurals (lumbosacral, sacrococcygeal). Participants should wear scrubs and comfortable, closed toed shoes. Lecture handouts will be provided. Light refreshments will be available.

The lab will offer 3.5 hours of AAVSB RACE Approved CE. The registration fee for the lab is $125.